About Our Company


ConX (pronounced “Connects” ) Innovations is about connecting our customers’ requirements with an innovative product that meets or exceeds expectations of performance, delivery and price.


Douglas Lincoln, Director of Engineering for ConX Innovations has over 35 years of design experience in the Aerospace, Space, NAVY ship, Formula 1 race car, Aerospace lighting, Nuclear power, and Commercial products. This experience was gained at industry leading companies such as Parker, JC Carter, Paul Monroe, BF Goodrich / Hoskins and Preece. As an engineer the focus is on product design, however good design must take into account the manufacturing, assembly and test of the product. Approaching designing with an eye on the end goal of being able to successfully manufacture, assembly and test the product is how ConX Innovations approaches all product design.


ConX Innovations is co-located with one of the area’s largest and highest technology machine shops, SENGA Engineering. Thus the manufacturing of ConX Innovations hardware can be considered “in house.” This adds the invaluable asset of being able to physically verify machine part progress and aid the manufacturing and quality control process be designing specific tooling for use in those areas.